Nutritional Therapy Wellness Center of Vermont

Individual Consultations

When our bodies are fed properly they have an amazing ability to properly restore imbalances on their own. Research provided by Dr. Weston Price and Dr. Francis Pottenger provided undeniable evidence that eating a whole, properly prepared, nutrient dense diet can restore our health and prevent debilitating deficiencies in our future generations. Research in the new science field called Epigenetics has shown that what we eat can actually change how our genes express themselves.

Gathering information through nutritional questionnaires, diet and health history as well as a hands on Functional Evaluation we determine

  1. what imbalances and deficiencies are present
  2. what nutrients are needed to restore imbalances
  3. when these imbalances and deficiencies have been restored.

Functional Evaluation

This hands on evaluation is unique to Nutritional Therapy. It is a non-invasive assessment tool. Some of the techniques may be familiar to you (blood pressure, pupil response test) others may be new to you. The Functional Evaluation helps us determine your bio individual needs so we may determine what works best for you.

Initial Visit

Your first visit will be a more in depth visit and may take several hours. We will go over your health and diet history, as well as go through the full functional evaluation. We will discuss recommendations for diet and possible supplementation and come with an agreed upon plan that will work for you. This visit may be broken up into two visits if requested.

For Everyone

Nutritional Therapy is for everyone. We work with people at all stages of life; children, adults and the elderly. Whether you are dealing with a specific problem or would just like to feel better and have more energy, we can help you get on the road to wellness.