When I went to see Lehte Mahoney at Nutritional Therapy Wellness Center of Vermont, I was overweight and suffering from severe migraines.  I have experienced migraines for the last 25 or more years, with up to 2-3 per week at times.  The worst ones lasted up to 3 days.  I was on several triptan-type medications, taking several doses per week for relief. 

Over the years I have tried several potentially dangerous medications to prevent the migraines, but to no avail.  I also tried experimenting with abstaining from a variety of foods, also to no avail. 

Lehte put me on a ridged diet and supplement plan specific to my body chemistry.  Within two weeks I was losing weight and my migraines lessened.  In fact, whereas before I averaged 2-3 migraines per week, now I have only 1 every 2-3 weeks!  Overall I have lost over 14 pounds and I feel my health has improved a great deal.  I am learning a lot about nutrition and living a healthier lifestyle. 

I am thankful to Lehte for her help and I look forward to engaging my entire family in healthier habits for life. 

Bolton, VT

Working with Lehte was interesting & enlightening.  Her approach is professional, yet comfortable, and very thorough.

I especially appreciate the knowledge and direction I received specific to my body’s needs,  And I am aware every day of beneficial things I can do for family’s health.

HHK  - East Berkshire, VT

I have been seeing Lehte since May of last year, in which time some very notable improvements have been made to my health. I had problems with my legs which stood in the way of everyday living.  Incline walking of any sort (walking from mailbox or garden, an incline of maybe 10%) would force me to stop because of cramping and burning in my ankles and calves. When going up our inside stairs (13 steps) I would have to hold the railing to assist me and stop at top to allows the cramps and burning to cease. Anything that involved an incline would always be interference. This leg problem would also go to bed with me to at night (this started after a major back fusion).  I would get several cramps a night severely bothering my sleep (and my husband’s). The cramps were often long lasting and not remedied by standing pressure; you had to wait them out! In just a short while working with Lehte the cramps decreased, my legs didn`t ache like they used to (oops, I didn`t mention how my legs ached while standing).  Now, 9 months into it the aching is gone, I only get a leg cramp occasionally and yesterday I did 30 minutes on my elliptical!  I was afraid to even give it a try and the 30 minutes was only my 3rd try: I was able to do 20 the first time; by the way that was on the highest incline setting. It`s great having these limits removed from my life. My appreciation for this help goes to God and Lehte...................I won`t go on about the problems I used to have sleeping..........now we are working out some kinks  with my digestion; she has over time helped me realize what foods are beneficial for me and I`ve gained  a whole lot of knowledge about nutrition.  Again, my heartfelt thanks.

JN    -Montgomery, VT